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Northwest Line Builders, LLC is a Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) / Underground Boring Utility Contractor that is committed to providing quality utility installation services. Our team of qualified professionals assure that your project is completed on time and according to your specifications. We take great care not to skip steps or cut corners when it comes to providing our services to your property. It is important to us that every customer is provided the same level of quality and commitment, regardless of how big or small the project is. What sets our company apart is our personal involvement, dedication and ownership of each project.

Directional Boring

An ever growing customer base has seen Northwest Line Builders, LLC expanding its Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) capabilities to one of the most capable fleets partnering with DitchWitch Northwest as our equipment provider. Our continued expansion coupled with each State and Municipalities ever increasing need to negate problems with open cut trenching and other environmental factors will see our fleet expanding well into the future.

Professional bore teams with top tier equipment allow Northwest Line Builders, LLC the ability to accomplish the toughest bores whether they’re pulling back 1.25" duct or 20” HDPE under a river. Rock, cobble or dirt, Northwest Line Builders, LLC shows up with the right equipment, the right plan and will complete your project on time and on budget.


Cell Towers, Copper, Fiber, we do it all in the telecommunication industry. FTTX, FTTH, FTTN projects or long term maintenance contracts, Northwest Line Builders, LLC understands the business and has the resources to safely and effectively manage your metropolitan or rural project. Repeat customers have been the backbone of our telecommunication business and are viewed as one of the most instrumental aspects of our current and future success.

Whether it’s routine maintenance or placement of new copper or fiber, Northwest Line Builders, LLC is equipped with the right equipment and crews for your project. Whether your project consists of a rural or metropolitan setting, Northwest Line Builders, LLC is your solution. Contact us to find out why major companies like AT&T and Verizon utilize Northwest Line Builders, LLC for their projects.

Northwest Line Builders has a long and successful history plowing cable across the western states. The scope of these projects is diverse including RUS, Military Specification, Airports as well as many others. Large projects require the right equipment, the right men and management to succeed and we fit the bill. Northwest Line Builders, LLC will place all your utilities, pull wire, make up transformers and install gas lines. We take care of it all at once, on contract, on time and within budget.

Underground Electric Power Installation and Reconstruction

As a leader in the power transmission and distribution (T&D) community, Northwest Line Builders, LLC is equipped to provide for all of our clients underground electrical needs. Installation of high voltage underground cables is done with safety as our first priority. Whether the situation calls for trenching or directional boring we are outstanding in our capabilities to get the job done safely, on schedule, and on budget.

Northwest Line Builders’ extensive work with a wide variety of clients, from transmission and distribution utilities to power generators, electricity consumers and rail network operators, has given us a wealth of experience in all aspects of underground electrical installation and service.

Fiber Optic Installation

In this information age the demand for faster and more dependable data transmission has created a need for ever increasing bandwidth. Fiber optic lines have supplanted cables as the most efficient way to meet this ever-growing thirst for data. Northwest Line Builders, LLC is a leader in fiber optic installation, repair, and replacement.

Northwest Line Builders, LLC works directly with AT&T, Verizon and Other Telecom Providers, performing new installations, replacements and upgrades. From the large fiber backbones that feed into geographical areas, to the service laterals that go into individual businesses and residences, under the ground, Northwest Line Builders, is the go to contractor

Underground Coverage

Underground Utility Installation

    Cable (Re)Placement

Underground Services Include

    Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)
    Solid Rock
    Plow Installation

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